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Roof Dogs and Crayfish Vlog #1

Welcome to the very first vlog on Land To House. This vlog is a weekly post that shows the project and progress of each week. In this video I work to get the roof installed on my workshop. I also blow some leaves and play with a crayfish.

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VBlog 5 New Puppy

The new puppy is here! In this video Ashley and I take the trip to get him. I hope you enjoy!

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VBlog 4 Turbine Dog and Car

In this video blog I almost lose the Archimedes Turbine from on top of the car. I tell you about the new dog that we are getting! His name is Wallie. Then I talk about some repair that need to be done on my 10 year old car. Check out the VBlog for yourself:

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VBlog 3 Boots and Flume Update

In this video I take a little time to talk about what I think about the Georgia Boots P030. I have had these boots for a while and they seem to be doing well. I also talk about the Flume and what I need to do to get it finished.

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VBlog 2 Tiny House Legality

Time for a little talk in the car about the legality of a tiny house. If you know more about the rules and regulations for a tiny NC house then feel free to let me know.

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VBlog 1 Fire and Garden

In this VBlog I talk about getting the garden spot ready.

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