Ram Pump Customers

Some of my customers send feedback after they have installed a pump from Land To House and I thought I would showcase some of those installs. Wranglerstar Wranglerstar Ram Pump Wranglerstar pump I sent Cody, from the Wranglerstar youtube channel, a Tiny Ram Pump. He installed the pump and got it working in his setup originally designed for a 1-1/4" ram pump. I was a little shocked that the pump worked with the larger drive pipe. His setup has 12 feet of head pressure and a lift of over 40 feet. Thank you Cody! Randy's Pump: Randy's Ram Pump Install Randy's dam Randy is using a 1-1/4" ram pump here to get water into a pond. The drive pipe is pulling water from a pool created by a wooden dam. I like this design for an intake. Thanks Randy for the Pictures. Joe's Pump: ram pump joe1 ram pump joe2 Joe has setup his pump to run with only 1 foot of head pressure in these pictures. He is getting 8.5 GPH at a height of 6 feet.
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