3/8″ Ram Pump


The 3/8″ Ram Pump needs 1gpm to operate.

This is the 3/8″ Hydraulic Ram Pump. If you have a water source with limited flow rate at 1gpm the 3/8″ Ram Pump is for you. Because PVC parts stop at 1/2″ this 3/8″ pump needs to be built from metal. This causes the pump to cost more than a PVC pump.

The pressure tank is built from PVC and connects to the top of the pump by way of the 1/2″ adapter.

Typically it is important to match the drive pipe size to the pump size but in this case 1/2″ pvc or poly pipe is need to get the 3/8″ pump running. Both ends of the pump are outfitted with a 1/2″ union as well as a 1/2″ ball valve.

Shipping: USA+$15 Canada+$40 Australia and New Zealand+$75
-All Sales Final-

Ram Pump