1/2″ Ram Pump



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half ram pump PreBuilt 1/2″ Hydraulic Ram Pump

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How to Install your Ram Pump

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Pump Information

Pressure Tank:


A bike inner-tube is installed in the pressure tank to help prevent water-logging. This occurs over time as water slowly replaces the air in the tank.

Drive Pipe and Delivery Pipe:

     Both the Drive pipe end and Delivery pipe end are installed with PVC unions and ball valves. The Ball valve allows for turning the water on and off. The unions allows the pump to be disconnected from the drive pipe and delivery pipe.  The Drive pipe side of the pump needs to match the size of the waste valve. The delivery pipe can be any size as long as its large enough to pass the water without much friction loss.

Waste Valve:

The waste valve is a Brass Swing Valve. This valve hangs open when there is no pressure behind it. Once the pressure wave hits the valve it will cause it to close with force. This is the main component that will wear down over time.

PVC Spring Valve:

The Spring Valve is in-line with the pump and is what keeps the pressure inside the pressure tank.

Pump Assembly:

    The pressure tank is installed on the pipe raiser with teflon tape on the opposite side of the waste valve. What comes in the box? How do I setup the ram pump? How do I operate the pump? All of these questions are answered in this video:


Additional information

Weight 65 oz
Dimensions 18 x 6 x 4 in


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