My name is Seth Johnson.Seth on Rope

Growing up I was encouraged to work hard and play hard. Now that I am out on my own I am into everything.  Land To House was started in 2015 when I purchased land. There was no real goal in mind just to set out and see what happens. Now a few years later Land To House has become a large part of my life. Ram Pumps, Camping Products, and Youtube videos are just some of the things I enjoy spending time with.

Life has made some drastic changes in the direction I thought I was going. Instead of building a tiny house and living off the land I am now married with children. Wherever your path takes you in life be sure to have fun.


Mayland Community College – Associates in Arts
Mayland Community College – Associates in Electronics 
East Tennessee State University – Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering.
grad pic 


I have a number of hobbies but most of them have to do with either filming or with building something.

Filming: Well I started filming with a tiny camera back around 2003 with no training and no idea what I was doing. I just walked outside and started filming. Ever since that time I have been working with video. I still have no training but that is ok because its fun and my style just might give people a new look on life. Check out my old Youtube channel for some of my little fun personal videos:

Working Outdoors: I did not alway like working outside but when I turned 25 I started to realize that real work outside was very rewarding. I have never really had a lot of experience with power tools but I am willing to learn. Now that I have land to work on I feel the need to get out and work the land. It is now one of my favorite hobbies. I look forward to growing food and raising chickens.


I have two loving parents and a brother and sister. They mean a lot to me and I am so blessed to have been brought up in this family. We have been close all these years. My sister is grown and married and has moved to the South. My little bro has also gotten married and is living in the North.


I try to get some type of exercise everyday of my life. I have always enjoyed playing soccer. I have not played on a team in many years I just like to join in on pickup games. I have some kayaks that I take out on the local river a few times a year. I go for some runs that often turn into jogs. I also have a gym membership that I have kept up since I was about 14 years old. The gym is something that I think everyone should take part in because it is so therapeutic when I am stressed.


Spelling: I am a very poor speller. I always have been from the very beginning.  If you are browsing the site and you find something that is very badly misspelled just shoot me an email and I will get it fixed right away. Thanks to spell check I am able to get things done without much trouble.


In 2015 I married the love of my life. Ashley and I have started our adventure together and loving every moment of it… Well almost every moment.

Seth Ashley Wedding



We have a beautiful daughter named Emma and a son named Arrow.


The animals:

Ashley and I have two cute puppies named Wallie and Lainey.

Wallie in car   Lainey in arms


I have learned a lot over the years but the more I learn the more I realize I know very little. As you browse Land To House keep in mind that most of what I do I have jumped right in and learned as I go. This means that I make plenty of mistakes but I am ok with that.

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