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  1. Hi Seth check out my water ram videos I made this last fall look me up on Facebook. thanks for all you help and advice. I will build a new water ram this winter as soon as I can get the money together. JohnF. Look for John Ferrone .

    • Seth Johnson

      I found you on facebook. Your pump looks awesome! I like that you used a tree and 2×4 to hold up the standpipe. What is the feet of head into the pump?

  2. Can a ram pump work on a river that flows about 5 miles per and hour with a elevation lift of 10-15 feet? I have been considering a solar pump but I am especially intrigued by your pumps Seth! Keep up the good work.

    • Seth Johnson

      The ram pump needs head pressure to operate. This is the fall in hight from the source to the pump. The flow rate of 5mph is a good flow rate as long as there is enough water volume and head pressure. To get water to 15 feet you will need around 2.5 feet of head pressure.

  3. Hello Seth,
    I think yor Ram Pump is the solution to my problem, what do you think?
    Facts: I have a water that comes in a 2″ pipe by gravity to this point: R2. The elevation is 1.114 m and a bottle of 1 liter fills in 13.36 sec. The water then goes uphill to point R6 and has an altitud 1109 m. At this poknt R6 ,a 1 liter bottle fills in 26.98 sec.
    The problem is when the water does not come in from the creek, air fills the pipe and it takes three (3) days for the water to go from R2 to R6 where the Tank is.
    I have a place downhill from R2 that is 1 or 2 meters below where I think I can put the Ram Pump, so I can take the water to R2 to R6 immediately.
    Which Ram Pump should I use, 3/4 or 1 1/2?
    I appreciate your help.
    Best regards

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