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    • Seth Johnson

      Thank you for the question! I took a look at the article that you sent. It seems to have a lot of good information in it. It does say “Many recommendations suggest” and I agree with that. What I have found so far is that as long as the supply line and the stand pipe are larger than the drive pipe, things will be alright. For example: My favorite size pump is a 1-1/4″ and it pulls between 5-8 gallons per minute. The flow rate potential for a 2″ and 3″ pvc pipe is close to 50 gpm with the 2″ pipe and 100 gpm with the 3″ pipe. (that is low pressure). So there is no danger of the pump stopping because the ratio was off some. BUT if you want to make the stand pipe much larger than you sure can. It couldn’t hurt.

  1. Ref your water Ram pump

    Hi Seth,

    I wonder if you are still around since I just saw your videos, although they are dated last year.
    I would like to ask you a few questions about your design but in order to be more specific I would like to send you pictures of my water source as well as distance to the reservoir for delivery.
    So before I continue I’ll wait to see if you are around and willing to give me some advice.


  2. Hi Seth,

    A few decades ago, my father bought a ram pump kit at a flea market. I don’t know why, but he never put it in the creek. That little pump has always intrigued me. I ran across the information you put out on YouTube, among others Thank you for doing that!

    One aspect of these pumps hat I did some research on is the ratio of waste to pumped water. I looked into water hammer, and found that everything I came across was aimed at eliminating that shock wave. That’s the opposite of what I wanted. But, I did run across a description of an old building that had it’s plumbing changed, which caused a bad (good) hammer. What had happened was the new plumbing fed the water source in from a different side of the building, using the existing internal pipes. Essentially, that drove a smaller diameter feed pipe into increasingly larger diameter internal pipes. That’s what caused the hammer. So, I’m thinking…

    Would a smaller diameter (3/4″) drive pipe to a larger diameter ram (1.25″) pump more water and “waste” less? What do you think? I know that head needs to be steep enough to keep the pump thumping.

    My father has since passed and I’m 600 miles away from that creek. When I’m done being a caregiver to my 91 year old mother, I plan on getting wet!

    Thanks again!

    • Seth Johnson

      hello and thank you for checking out my stuff. I have enjoyed working with the RAM pump lately. That is an interesting question. if this would work the feet of head would have to be much greater to keep the pump going. In my testing I have found that you can turn and tilt the top check valve this allows the pump to use less water but at the same time reduces the lift potential. I will have to look and see if I have a reducer that I can try your idea out my early testing I discovered that a garden hose makes a poor drive time because the inner diameter is smaller than 3/4″. So even a small diameter change makes a difference.

  3. Can I send you a money order, and if so where. Please cite the total price for shipping for 1 1/4″ ram pump to zip code 67203. Thank you. Paula

    • Seth Johnson

      I have just gotten new boxes for the 3/4″ size pump. I think its 20″ x 6″ x 6″. THe weight is less than 6 if I remember. 🙂

  4. Hello Seth,
    thank you so much for your easy ram pump design…..we built two of them in June and they supplied much of our agricultural needs this summer, keeping our 2500 gal tank full….

    I saw something about micro hydro on your page but cannot find it again. Do you have any plans for generating electricity from a good flowing creek?

    thank you again,
    -Alexis, Southern Oregon

    • Seth Johnson

      I do have some plans for micro hydro but I have not gotten to them since I am newly married and working on a house spot. But someday in the future I do hope to have a small setup to make 60-100 watts.

  5. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a ram pump to pump water to my house which is right on a river in Mexico. The house is about 150 feet above the river. I can probably run a tube up river as far as I wish but there is a popular swimming hole in front of my house with steep rock walls on one side and a sunbathing spot on the other that is for tourists, so I cannot run the tube directly along the rocks without bothering the tourists and the restaurant there. Can I run the tube up over the rocks, around the tourist area and then up river? Does it matter? Also is there a way to make the pump less noisy? The river flash floods every year. Where would be the best place to set this up given that I don’t want to be moving it? How much does it weigh? Could I bring it in my luggage or would it be too heavy? Here is a video showing the river in front of my house.
    Thanks so much for your help!-Alisa

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. Thank you for checking out my site!

      The video clip was helpful in determining what your river looks like. I do have a couple questions for you that will give me more insight to how the pump will work for you.
      1: Is the elevation from the river to the house 150 feet or is that the distance from the water to the house?
      2: how much feet of head do you have in the river? Meaning from the place you would put the drive pipe in the water to the place the pump will be what is the drop in elevation?

      The pump works on a 1:7 ratio meaning the for every foot of head entering into the pump you will get seven feet out. So if the river has 10 feet of head you will get 70 feet lift.

      The horizontal distance the pump can push water is of little concern. So say your house is 150 feet away from the river and is 30 feet above the river you will need a little over 4 feet of head in the river to get the water up to the house. and more feet of head to have better water flow.

      Since you have flood issues I recommend that you have the intake of the pump upriver high enough that you can keep the pipe out of the water. You can also keep the pump out of the water so that it does not get flooded. I will link two videos below that show how you can do this.

      Depending on the size of the pump it will be from 5 pounds to 12 pounds. Probably a little big for a suitcase.

      Here is an example of a simple small pump setup outside of the river. This pump is only running on 1.5 feet of head. Notice that the output is very small. If I had another foot of head the water would be much much stronger. :

      Let me know if this helps you.

  6. Thanks for your advice! The water would need to be pumped from the river to the water tank on top of my house. I estimate it’s about 150 feet of height. I’m not sure of the horizontal distance, but you say that’s not as important. Do you need that number? As you can see in the video, the river is steadily rising in height as you go past the waterfall. I can probably run a tube as far as I need to to get the needed height. It looks like just beyond the first waterfall is about 5 feet up or more and I could keep going with the tube. The only consideration is that I cannot run it through the swimming hole directly in front of my house and would need to pass the tube above the rocks instead to be out of the way of tourists. Does that make any difference?

    • Seth Johnson

      The ram pump that I sell has limits of about 80 feet lift. This is due to the weight of the check valve. I am sorry to say even if you have enough feet of head the pump won’t be able to lift 150 feet.

        • Seth Johnson

          I have seen pumps that have a modified spring valve used as the waste valve. You can use washers as weights on the valve to make it open with more force. I have heard of people using these pumps to get up to 180 feet lift. There is one fellow that has used my pump to get around 100 feet of lift but there is a lot of psi.

          Before you make a pump you would need to look on a gis map or google earth to gain the elevation difference in the river to make sure that you have at least 22 feet of head.

          • I spoke to a friend who knows my house well and he says that it is probably no more than 70 feet of height. 150 was just a guess I made trying to leave a wide margin. (I’m in the US right now) He is going to measure the head tomorrow. Assuming I have enough head height, which pump would be appropriate for that and how much does it weigh? Thanks.-Alisa

          • Seth Johnson

            Oh good. We can work with that. So you will need around 10 to 11 feet of head to get water that high. I would recommend getting the small pump. 3/4″. Because the pump runs 24/7 you can still get a lot of water out of the small one. Also I would try to keep the pump and pipe out of the water to keep it from washing out in a food.

          • OK! It’s 60 feet from the river to the water tank and I have a 15 foot head if I go 100 feet upriver. This sounds like it should work! So my next question is about running the tube. As I said, I cannot run it through the river because it’s a tourist swimming spot. Is there a problem with running the tube over some rocks along the river if it goes up and then down higher than the river itself?
            Also can you give me the link to the pump I need to order and would it arrive at my house before Jan 11? How much does it weigh and what are the measurements? Is that all I would need to bring? I see a mention of a bicycle tire in the instructions…is that part of the pump?

            If my friend measured incorrectly and I want to add the thingy that makes it have even more lift…how would I do that?

            Is the pump noisy and if so is there any way of modifying it to be quiet? I don’t want to annoy my neighbors and have them change the pump while I’m not around!

            Thanks for your help and I hope to order it as soon as I have the answers I need. Happy New Year!–Alisa

          • Seth Johnson

            Very nice! I would recommend using 10 feet of head so that you could pump to 70 feet. This would reduce the psi in the tank and give you nice results instead of using the full 15 feet. The pump works best if you can keep the drive pipe around 100 feet. So you will be good with that pipe length.

            Both the drive pipe and delivery pipe can be out of the water. The drive pipe has to have the end in the water source obviously to get water into the pipe but as long as it goes down hill it will work. I have placed a drive pipe into a pond and then over the bank that is a few feet tall. The water is syphoned out of the pond and then down hill. The pump works best if the drive pipe is as straight as you can get it but it will work with ups and downs. I often use black flex pipe as my drive pipe but if you use normal pvc you can get much better results. (might only need 9 feet of head to get to 60 feet)

            The delivery pipe can be up and down no problem. you will have enough lift to keep back pressure on the pump.

            typically the delivery is within 3 to 4 days so yes I think we can get it to you that fast. I am at work right now and dont have a pump with me for the actual weight but I know that it is within 2 to 5 pounds. The measurements of the pressure tank are 2″ pipe by 16″ long. The other components are about the same length. The bike tube is already in the tank so no need to worry about that. If you are going to use black flex pipe I recommend using two “barbed male hose adapter”. These can be purchased at a hardware store for about $1 each. you will need a 3/4″ for the drive pipe end and a 1/2″ for the delivery end.

            With the measurements that you have given I think you will be just fine but if you need to go higher you can install a one way check valve inline with the delivery to take the pressure off the pump and get water a little higher.

            The 3/4″ pump is not very loud because it is small. Some people just place a bucket over the pump to reduce the sound.

            Hope this helps! Happy New Year!

          • Seth Johnson

            You can do a few things. Install a ballcock valve (like inside a toilet). Install a return pipe from the top of the tank back to the river. Or just turn off the delivery at the tank with a ball valve …. some just let the water overflow.

          • Seth Johnson

            As long as there is enough back pressure on the pump (around 10 to 20 feet of lift in your case) the pump will still work while the output is stopped. Once the valve opens the water will start flowing again.

          • OK…pump is now on the way! Black flex tube is definitely what people tend to use in my area and it is easy to find…so yes, I’ll be using that. So to go with the pump I would need 100 feet (or less) of tube for the head and whatever tube goes from the pump to my tank as well. Plus 2 “barbed male hose adaptors” One is 3/4 and one is 1/2. I’m assuming that means that the tube that goes to my tank is 1/2 inch and the one that goes up river is 3/4 inches? Are those adaptors pvc? Or metal?
            Is that all I need to purchase to go with the pump or is there something else I might need?
            Thanks so much for your help! If this works, I’m happy to send you some pics for your marketing.

          • Seth Johnson

            I also like the black flex pipe. you will need those two adapters and the black pipe. The drive pipe has to be 3/4″ but the delivery pipe can be smaller than 1/2″ if you need it to be. I just like the 1/2″ because it is still strong and is not very expensive. I like the pvc adapters. they dont rust. you can get them for $1 or less. You will need to do some testing to see the location you will have the input of the drive pipe. There is a way to make a nice intake with a screen over the intake pipe. This series will help you with your install:

            I always like to see the results!

          • Seth Johnson

            With that size pump you can have a drive pipe extending up to 125 feet with little change in operation. If you do need a stand pipe is easiest for you to watch the stand pipe video on my youtube. 🙂 just look for”landtohouse” and search stand pipe.

  7. Hi Seth – i love your site, it’s very informative.
    I watched your video about running the Ram pump under water.
    I currently have about 1 1/2 foot of head; however, by placing the Ram at the bottom of a plunge pool, I can pick up an additional 2 foot of head, which meets my requirements for needed lift.
    My question is how do you prime the pump when it’s permanently placed under water?
    Could you extend the priming portion of the pump to above the water line, and in doing so do you defeat the purpose of placing the pump under water?
    I would like to move forward with the purchase of a pump should you feel the application will work.


    • Seth Johnson

      Hello and thank you for enjoying my website. It is true that the RAM pump works under water. I have only performed one test on this so far. I’m not sure how much gain you get from operating a pump under water. I have a feeling that the water on top of the waste valve reduces the efficiency. I will need to do more testing on this to be sure. You are absolutely correct, when you extend the waste valve above the waterline you are negating the added feet of head by placing the pump under water. How high do you need to pump water?

  8. Hi Seth. I have a flow of 2.5 gallons a minute and can get a head of anywhere between 10 ft. and 50 ft. depending on how far away and how much downhill I choose to go. If put the ram closer at 10 ft. of head, I will be pumping water 30 ft. higher a distance of 100 ft. If I put the ram at 50 ft. of head, I will be pumping water 70 ft. higher a distance of 300 ft. Is the large ram with the 11/4 drive pipe the ram I should buy?

    • Seth Johnson

      With a flow rate of only 2.5 gpm you will need ether the 3/4″ pump or the 1/2″ pump. 10 feet of head is plenty to get water pumped to 30 feet. The horizontal distance of the delivery pipe does not make much difference.

  9. Sir, I am really interested in finding a company or designer that could build a very large ram pump. Actually, many of them for this beautiful huge project. Is this possible?

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. The largest pump I make is 1-1/4″. As the pump size increases so does the price. It can be costly to build large pumps.

  10. I found this company with a pump of a capacity between 400 and 800 gallons per minute. Do companies restrict availability of sizes because of the market or is there a limit in being able to build something with more capacity?

    I appreciate it,


    • Seth Johnson

      In my testing I have realized that as the pump size increases the delivery pipe shortens. I expect at some point the pump will become too large for Drive pipe length. I’m sure the cost is also a factor. Other than that I’m not sure why you do not see larger pumps. For customers that need more water oftentimes they buy more than one pump.

  11. Hi, I recently ordered 2 of your ram pumps and would like to have some idea of when to expect their delivery. I paid with PayPal.

  12. Hi ,

    My name is Shyam, I am from Mumbai, India

    I will be interested in ordering, smallest i.e. half inch Ram pump. My son is at California at present, and will be flying back on 1st Sep to India. He can bring home package for me.

    Is is possible for you to deliver package at California and approximately, how much time it will take to deliver at my son’s place.

    Please let me know, in case delivery is possible before 1st Sep, I can complete the order.

    Shyam Kadam [+91 9819804700]

    • Seth Johnson


      I am able to ship a pump to California 2-3 day shipping with no extra charge. That would allow time to get there before your son leaves. I have that size built and ready to go.

  13. Hey Seth Johnson is there anyway you can come fix my bed rail and I will pay you please contact me in a major crisis.

    • Seth Johnson

      I’m afraid I don’t do house calls. But if you would send a picture of your problem to my Gmail I might could give some information.

  14. hi sir seth,

    Im Mark from philippines

    we have a problem and we need your help. we made a water ram pump but it didnt work. we used only 2″ pipe as a chamber and the swing valve was pumping but if we open the other side, the swing valve stops pumping. i will send the video at your gmail or send it via facebook.

    thank you in andvance.

  15. Hello Seth,
    I think yor Ram Pump is the solution to my problem, what do you think?
    Facts: I have a water that comes in a 2″ pipe by gravity to this point: R2. The elevation is 1.114 m and a bottle of 1 liter fills in 13.36 sec. The water then goes uphill to point R6 and has an altitud 1109 m. At this poknt R6 ,a 1 liter bottle fills in 26.98 sec.
    The problem is when the water does not come in from the creek, air fills the pipe and it takes three (3) days for the water to go from R2 to R6 where the Tank is.
    I have a place downhill from R2 that is 1 or 2 meters below where I think I can put the Ram Pump, so I can take the water to R2 to R6 immediately.
    Which Ram Pump should I use, 3/4 or 1 1/2?
    I appreciate your help.
    Best regards

  16. Hi seth,

    Big fan of yours work.

    Would appreciate if you can help me out in this.

    I like to build ramp pump for my overhead tank 22 feet above. Water is coming from government provided pipeline with low pressure and size of pipe is 1″. I would like to build ramp pump but not sure with size of pipe, valve &, pressure chamber size I should select.

    Thanks you in advance.

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. Thank you for checking out my work.

      To get water to 22 feet you will need a head pressure of 4 feet. If you can collect water in a 5 gal bucket and time how long it takes I can suggest a pump size that best fits your water source.

  17. Hello Seth, thanks for the reply.

    It took 5.5 minutes to fill 2.5 gallons (I don’t have big one so I took half, I hope this will be fine).

    Will wait for your reply.

    • Seth Johnson

      With 2.5 gallons filled in 5.5 minutes you have around .45 gpm. This flow rate is too slow for the smallest ram pump to run 24/7. Now you can still use the ram pump but you would have to store water first and run the pump in increments.

  18. I would like to purchase pipe pump ,in your store/company i would be happy if you can get back to me again with the prices and dimensions you having available in a moment,and also do you take all types of Credit Cards as your payment required?Kindly get back to me here or on phone so that we will work together as one panther. All the best and stay blessed…..

    john William

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. I have four sizes available on the site. These prices can be found under the sales page. I ship pumps within 2 days of an order typically 3-4 day shipping. All charges go through paypal with credit card.

  19. I thought you would like to know, it looks like you’ve misspelled the word “alot” on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr.

      • Seth

        Good job I checked, I was going to ask you the same !!!

        I look forward to the results.

        I might get round to it soon, if so I will let you know how they perform, although I am a complete RP novice compared to you !!


  20. Hi Seth

    One more thing, you might have been asked this already. Have you ever build one of your pumps from all metal pipe, fittings, etc ?

    I just wondered what difference (apart from being louder) there is.



    • Seth Johnson

      I actually have made an all metal pump. It was some time ago. But I have worked with an all metal pump in the past 2 moths. If you have them locked down so they do no move they can be very effective at pumping water. I like pvc because it is easy to work with and better for shipping. There is some efficiency change with all metal but the main thing is cost to build.

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