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Personal FaQ:

Q: What cameras do you use for filming?
A: I use a couple cameras to film. The main camera is the Canon 7D with a 24-105mm lens. The other cameras that I use are the Gopro Hero 2 and the iPod Touch.
Q: What programs do you use to edit the videos on Land to House?
A: I use Adobe Premier Pro with After Effects.
Q: How much land do you own?
A: I was able to purchase 7 acres then a second purchase of .5 acres. Then in an auction I was able to get another  .5 acres. So I have a total of 8 acres. 

Ram pump FaQ:

Q: Can a Ram Pump work in a well?
A: No the ram pump must have water falling into the pump. It cant pull water from a well. 
Q: What is the potential of a Ram Pump?
A: The Ram Pump works on a ratio of approximately 1:7. Meaning that for every foot of head falling into the pump you will get seven feet of lift.

24 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Good day sir. I would like to ask about the operation of the pump. Do i need to have a constant head in my source? Or a constant pressure?

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. Good question. The height that the pump will deliver water depends on the amount of head that is falling in the drive pipe that reaches the pump. So say you had a tank with a floating intake pipe, that sank with the lowering water, You would lose potential as the head lowered. So I would recommend a constant head but the pump will work with a changing head. As far as pressure goes you dont need pressure at the source for the pump to work. The pressure wave in the drive pipe needs to flow freely. So if you were to apply pressure to the source it would limit the “ram” effect. …. I hope this helps.

        • Seth Johnson

          You can make a drive pipe that short but there are some issues that can come up. The pressure wave is so short at this point that it can interfere with the waste valve cycle. I recommend at least 15 feet but 50 to 100 is best.

  2. Hello am Danny . Am installation ram pump but it no work . Can you tell me something . Did you put somthing in side the pressure tank?

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. Yes there is a rubber bike tube in the tank. This prevents the tank from becoming water logged. Your pump should work without this in the tank though as water logging takes time to occur.

  3. question:
    Any details on using more than one pump (drive pipe to 1st pump which delivers water to holding tank, 2nd drive pipe back down to 2nd pump,etc) on the same line to increase overall height distance?

    • Seth Johnson

      That is a good question. I actually have a video showing how this works. I found that even with a 1-1/4″ ram pump it is not possible to supply enough water to a 1/2″ ram pump to increase the hight with the two pumps going 24/7. Now it is possible to run one pump to fill a tank at a hight and use that to run a second pump. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umxcP4G3FXE

  4. Dear Seth… I have constructed my ram pump and all is working just as you explained, My problem is that I need to pump about 200 feet vertical on a gradual grade of about 45% incline. I have about 18 feet of head. !st question is: Can adding a standpipe to the driveline help me attain more vertical lift? 2. Where would be the best place to install my standpipe in the driveline? 3. Can I put more than one standpipe inline to increase the head? 4. can running two ram pumps in parallel give me more lifting power. 4. would parallel pumps increase the final flow of the water from the delivery line? I need an answer as soon as possible please? Thanks for your help in advance Seth.

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. The diy style ram pump typically tops out at 180 feet of lift. Some people have reached higher though. The issue lies in the brass swing valve. The weight of the valve can only hang open up to a certain pressure. Commercial pumps have weights that can be placed on the waste valve to give more closing power.

      There are a couple things that you can do to improve the lift of the pump. Make sure that you are using a ridged drive pipe such as PVC or metal. Next you can install a check valve on the delivery pipe. This will keep pressure off the pump.

      Installing a stand pipe is only for drive pipes that need to be longer than 100 feet. it will not add lift in itself.

      Adding multiple pumps increases the flow rate but not the output hight. (or at least not much) If both pumps have the same head pressure then you will have them both reach the same hight and not go any higher.

  5. I mean…If I get two ram pumps running right along side of one another and have two separate delivery lines running up the hill. Could I put a Y fitting in the delivery lines and have the two delivery lines deliver water into a single delivery line somewhere up the two lines that run parallel? Would this increase my vertical pumping height and would this help increase the final flow to the storage tank? Hope I explained this correctly for you to understand. What I am saying is…can two pumps pump separately for a length, then be Y ed together into one delivery pipe?

  6. Thanks for the answers Seth. I forgot I asked them here, and i asked again on another part of your site., please disregard those questions. I am uploading a couple videos for you to look at so I can get your opinion on my set up. I will send you the links when I have them uploaded and available. Thanks again Seth, and love your web page, very informative~~

    Tommy O.

    • Seth Johnson

      The videos have come in! I had to approve the link comments. Just from the video I can see that the stand pipe is a little far from the pump. Normally it is best to have the stand pipe at 100 feet from the pump. The extra distance of 40 feet can cause the pressure wave to be slow. Also did you say that you are working with a 1-1/4″ pump and 1″ drive pipe? The difference in drive pipe vs waste valve can cause a loss in efficiency.

    • Seth Johnson

      To lift water to 80 feet you will need at least 12 feet of head pressure. Each size ram pump can pump water to this hight. The difference in ram pump size is the volume of water that is required to run the pump as well as the volume output.

  7. Hello!I have done installation of this pump,but its not working,the waste valve shuts and is not opening periodically on its own.?

    • Seth Johnson

      Hello. There are a few things that can cause the pump to act like that. The most common is air in the drive pipe. Getting all the air out can be a pain. Another thing that can keep the waste valve closed is very high head pressure. This is typically over 20 feet.

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