Ram Pump FAQ

Q. Why wont my waste valve close? Water only trickles out.

A. There are a few things that can cause this to happen. 

– The water intake has debris clogging it and thus is preventing water from getting to the pump. 

– Not enough head pressure. The ram pump needs a minimum of 2 feet (.61 meters) of water drop to operate. If there is not enough pressure behind the water the waste valve wont close.

Q. Why is no water coming out the Delivery pipe? The pump is working fine but no output.

A. The ram pump works on a 1:7 ratio input head pressure to lift out. If you do not have enough input head pressure and the delivery pipe is too high you will fill the delivery pipe but not have water all the way to the top. 

Q. Can I start the ram pump by Siphon?

A. Yes you sure can. The main thing to consider is the ram pump needs an air free water source. The good news is when water is siphoned it is air free else it will stop flowing. 

Check out this video where a ram pump is started with a siphon. 

Q. How high can the ram pump lift water?

A. The max height of the ram pump is close to 180 feet. (55 meters) The reason for that is the weight of the waste valve. The Brass swing valve has a set weight and is not heavy enough to close with more force. To get water to this height 25 (7.6 meter)feet of input head pressure is required. This is a lot of pressure at the pump. 

Q. How to slow down or speed up waste valve cycles?

A. The ideal cycle time for the ram pump is typically 1 per second. Because the waste valve flap has a set weight and cannot be changed, the drive pipe length is the main thing that can be changed to adjust the cycle time. A long drive pipe slows the cycle time and a short drive pipe can speed up the cycles.

Max Drive pipe length 100 feet. ( 30.5 meters)
Min Drive pipe length 25 feet. (7.6 meters)

Q. Can the Ram Pump run underwater?

A. Yes it sure can. Do keep in mind that sinking the pump into the water does not increase head pressure. This is because the hydrostatic pressure ontop of the pump negates the added pressure from going underwater. 

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