In 2013 Ashley (My wife now but Girlfriend at the time) Started writing a book for something called nanowrimo. In the month of November You are to write as much as you can in hopes of getting to 50k words. Anyway long story short She started doing this and I thought that I would be supportive by also writing. She got several thousand words and I got around 5k words.

She has since written the starts to many books and I have continued with the work that I started. I am now immersed into the story and cant wait to find out what happens next. It is my plan to have the book around the 60k word area. At this time I am not ready to talk plot or title of the book. All in good time.

This word count is to keep me motivated and inspired to continue with what I think is a good story.

Word Count:

Oct 22 2016 : 31,000

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