1″ Ram Pump Kit


  • The 1″ Ram Pump kit comes with the parts needed to assemble a Ram Pump with 1″ drive pipe and 1/2″ delivery pipe.
  • The Ram Pump is a water pump that does not need fuel or electricity to operate. Only flowing and falling water.
  • Requirements:
    – 1″ Drive Pipe
    – 1/2″ Delivery Pipe at least (can use larger)
    – 6GPM flow rate in the water source (22.7 L/min)
    –  2.5 feet of head pressure (water drop) (.8meter)
    – Max head pressure 25 feet. (7.6meter)
    – Max lift 180 feet. (55meter)

This kit does not have PVC primer or PVC cement to build the pressure tank. You will need to supply these for your build.

Teflon Tape is included.

Shipping: USA+$15 Canada+$40 Australia and New Zealand+$75
-All Sales Final-

Watch this video to help assemble your ram pump:

A roll of Teflon tape is included in this kit. If you will hold the pipe nipple in your left hand and roll the tape clockwise the threads of the fittings will tighten the tape and not unroll it.

Make sure that the Arrow on the spring valve points to the direction of the pressure tank.

Make sure that the Arrow on the Brass Swing Valve points down into the pump. This lets the flap hang open by gravity.

The Pump assembly looks like this: