3/4″ Silt Filter Bucket


  • 3/4″ Input and output
  • 2.5 Gallons of silt catchment space
  • 2.5 Gallons of space for air to separate from water
  • Uniseal rubber washers for a water tight seal
  • Lid with vent holes allow air to escape
  • Carrying handle also helps keep the lid in place
  • (( Shipping to USA only ))  $15

Shipping: USA+$15 Canada+$40 Australia and New Zealand+$75
-All Sales Final-

The 3/4″ Silt Filter Bucket is designed to work with the 3/4″ Ram Pump from Land To House.

This bucket does two things. 

  1. It allows space for silt and debris to accumulate on the bottom of the bucket. This helps keep particles out of the ram pump and out of your storage tank. If rocks and sand build up in the ram pump it can stop the pump from cycling. This bucket allows you to capture the debris and dump it out periodically as it fills up.
  2. The top portion of the bucket allows space for air bubbles from the intake to float up and away from the drive pipe. If air bubbles get into the drive pipe it can stop the ram pump from cycling. It can be a challenge to capture water from a small creek and keep air from getting into the drive pipe. The bucket gives you the option to have air get into the supply line and defuse out of the water before traveling down the drive pipe.


How it works. Water Enters into the top of the bucket depositing silt on the bottom and letting air bubble up to the lid and out the vent holes. Air free water then exits out the middle of the bucket through the drive pipe.

When do I need a Silt Filter Bucket?

  • Low flow creeks that might limit capturing water without air bubbles
  • Creeks with lots of fine sand or silt that might pass a window screen intake filter
  • Too much input head pressure that needs to be limited down. (The bucket becomes the new water source head pressure)

The Silt Filter and Air diffuser bucket is not right for every install. If your water supply is deep you might not need a silt filter bucket. Adding the bucket can greatly improve your ram pump install by providing a water source that does not have air but if your source is deep the bucket might float away.  Also if you have limited head pressure to work with the bucket filter can reduce that head pressure further.

Basic Bucket Install