1in Ram Pump GPM

As you know I have Hydraulic Ram Pumps for sale here at Land To House. One of those pumps is the 1″ version. Well I thought that I would go out and test the GPM of this pump so that you will know how much water is needed to operate it before you buy.  You can watch this video and learn how many GPM is used at full potential. What do I mean when I say full potential? Well you will notice that the check valve is facing upwards. This allows the pump to use the most water possible and have the best results in efficiency. Because more water is being used there is a larger snap of the check valve and thus a larger pressure wave is created.

Check out the video here:

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  1. Hi Seth I’m having a problem, what can I do with the waste water from the ram pump to use it back?? Is there a way to reuses it. Plzzzzzz reply. Or send a number I can contact u on. I have a project I wanna work on. Some input would b nice

    1. Hello.

      Saving the waste water is an issue that several people have asked about. The pumps will consume a lot of water for sure. The 1-1/4″ pump will use around ~8 GPM, the 1″ will use ~6 GPM, and the 3/4″ will use ~3 GPM. Over a day that will be many many gallons. When I talk to people about installing a pump I generally tell them that the pumps work best from a creek or pond. So far the best use for the waste water has been to place the pump on a barrel and let the water collect for later use. If your source is not a constant flow than you might have to look into an electric pump. (I really hate to suggest that haha)

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