03 Dec

Picture Ledge Shelf

If you would like to display a book or picture on a shelf you might want to consider a picture ledge shelf. This style shelf has a lip on the from of the shelf that allows items, like a book or picture, to sit on the ledge and not fall off.

This video shows the how to process, step by step, to build your very own picture ledge shelf.

24 Jul

Build a Work Table

My parents asked me to build them a table that they could use for a record player and a sewing machine. As always I was excited to have another project to work on. In this video I show you the build and the finished product. The table has turned out well and after several months of use I have to say it is holding up very well.

14 May

Toyota Matrix Transmission Fluid Change

I have a Toyota Matrix 2006 AWD and the transmission fluid was very dirty and starting to get some metal shavings in it. I thought that it was time to get that dirty fluid changed. In this video I walk you through the steps to get the fluid changed.

22 Apr

Build a Bridge

To get to the tiny house there is a rock ditch that has to be crossed. I have found that if you are not carful you can twist an ankle. To save those ankles I have decided to make a bridge. In this video I take 4×4’s and decking boards to make the bridge. Wallie helps of course.

27 Feb

New Hard Drive

After two years of making videos for Land To House I have filled up a 1.5 terabyte hard drive. It is time to get another drive because I dont plan on stopping the videos any time soon! Check out the new drive in this video. If you are looking to buy a nice drive I strongly suggest the Toshiba brand. I have three of them and they have worked without issues for many years.

28 Jan



In February of 2015 I was at the gym lifting a lot more weight than I should have. Peer pressure can really get to you. I was doing squats and let me back relax a little and hurt my back. I guess you can call it a herniated disk. I want to share with you a product that has helped me so very much. Its called Cryoderm. Its a lot like Bengay or IcyHot but a lot stronger. So how does it help and why do I like it so much? Any time that I am going to be lifting something heavy or going to the gym or just waking up from a tough night I like to spray or roll on a little Cryoderm to loosen up the muscles in my back. I first learned about this product at my local chiropractor.

If you have pain in any muscle then I recommend you try giving it a try. You can buy it on Amazon. There are two types that I like. The Spray and the Roll on.

If you are interested in getting more info on Cryoderm or other chiropractic needs you can check out Cruz Life Center. … I have the opportunity to make videos for the office. yay!

I know that this sounds a little like an ad for Cryoderm but I have used it for a year now and I love it.

17 Jan

Camping with Wallie

I learned that Ashley (my wife) was going out of town for a work meeting and this gave me a night to go out camping. yay! It has been several years since I want camping. In this video I take Wallie out to the property and have a nice overnight camping trip.