Adventure 20 – Spark Plugs

My Toyota Matrix has been getting 26MPG in the winter time and up to 38MPG in the summer. But after 8 years of driving I found out that I needed to change the spark plugs. Mostly because the winter MPG has gone down to 20 and thats bad. I am just hoping that this is because of the winter blend of gas but we shall see. Check out this video of my changing the spark plugs in my 2006 matrix.

The gaps on these plugs is .04

4 thoughts on “Adventure 20 – Spark Plugs

    1. It actually did! Not lots but some. Around the same time I got new tires and that also made a big difference.

  1. Seth, I really like your blog. I might also be building a dam. Time will tell. On winter blend, it’s terrible on mpg due to antifreeze, alcohol I think. Also, the cold moist air doesn’t help and neither does driving in slush. I encourage you to track results of different gas stations, focusing on top tier stations. I find my cars like BP the best for mph. It’s a little more costly, but saves in the end. I also have a k&n air filter, and use synthetics. I got one of those 5 year alignment deals and go about every 4 months for an alignment.

    1. Thank you for checking out my site. Yes winter is not good on the car. I notice a 3 to 4 gpm drop when its really cold out.I try to use the better gas when I fill up.

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