07 Sep

Adventure 26 – Cutting Lumber

Back some time ago I started looking into building a small cabin on the land and found the perfect place to build. The problem with this spot is that I had a large oak tree that was leaning right into the place I wanted to build. The tree was dyeing so i thought that I would just cut it down. If you would like to see that wild adventure then please click here. After the tree was on the ground I had to think of something to do with all the wood. This is where Adventure 26 comes in!  Please watch the following four videos to see what I make from the fallen tree. Enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

And Lastly Part 4:

I hope you have enjoyed this four part video series. I learned a lot making this project!

13 Apr

Adventure 25 – Ram Pump Potential

I toss around the value that the ram pump can pump water up to heights based of a ratio of 1:7 meaning that for every one foot of head that falls into the pump you will get 7 feet of water pumped. This number is not always the case depending on the setup that you have. I figured that I would set up my pump with 12 feet of head and see just how high I could get the pump to go. Check out this video of the 1-1/4″ ram pump potential:

I will revisit this adventure on a later date to let know how well this works when its not so cold out.

Be sure to check out the hydraulic ram pumps for sale on the site here.

06 Apr

Adventure 24 – Cutting Big Oak

I have started a large construction project and the location that I haveselected has a large oak tree towering over the spot. I am fearful that some day in the future I will have trouble with this large tree. So in this adventure of Land To House I use the chainsaw to cut down the tree. Check out the video here:

Now that the tree is down I have to clean the top branches out of the road. Enjoy this time laps video of the tree removal:

29 Mar

Adventure 23 – Bag for Cable

I have been tossing my cable and come along in the back of the car with the mass amount of other things and every time the cable unwinds and makes a big mess. I thought that I would fix this little problem by making a canvas bag to place the cable in. In this Adventure of Land To House check out the bag that I make.

If you are going to be using your cable a lot then you might look into getting a tough box. For me this is all that I need to keep the cable from spreading all over the place.

The movie that I talk about in this adventure is something that I made many years ago with my family and friends. Its what I call a “great leaning experience”. This film is far from awesome but I leaned much of the video editing that I use from making this film. Check it out here:

15 Mar

Adventure 22 – Underwater Ram Pump

Will the Hydraulic Ram Pump work underwater? I took the 1-1/4″ pump out the other day and gave it a test. I had 75′ of flex pipe set into the pond on top to drive the pump. The total feet of head is roughly 2.5′ from the top pond to the surface of the water on the lower pond. Check out what happens when the pump is submerged.

15 Mar

Adventure 21 – Cut Down Snag

I am just starting a construction project that will be made known to you in a later set of adventures. The spot I have selected to build on has a few trees around and they are not very healthy. I figured that I would pull these trees down so that they would not harm my building in the future. Check out Adventure 21 where I pull down an old snag tree that has been hanging out for some time and has lost its top.

01 Mar

Adventure 20 – Spark Plugs

My Toyota Matrix has been getting 26MPG in the winter time and up to 38MPG in the summer. But after 8 years of driving I found out that I needed to change the spark plugs. Mostly because the winter MPG has gone down to 20 and thats bad. I am just hoping that this is because of the winter blend of gas but we shall see. Check out this video of my changing the spark plugs in my 2006 matrix.

The gaps on these plugs is .04

23 Feb

Adventure 19 – Ram Pump One Way Check Valve

George Spartan, a youtube subscriber, asked what would happen if you added a one way check valve to the ram pump delivery pipe. I had no idea so I made this video to find out. Basically I add a brass one way valve to the delivery pipe at the height of 15-20′ and the water from the pump surges to that check valve and presses through it but then cant come back down. This adds vertical lift to the pump potential. Watch the video and see for yourself:

28 Jan

Adventure 18 – Pond Tree

A tree is fallen into the pond and needs to be removed. In this adventure I use a Come Along to pull the tree out of the water and up to the bank. The cable that I use is a 2000 pound steel rope. It would seem as though the tree has been in the water for a long time and is very water logged. I will have to let it sit and dry for some time before I can cut it up.

Check out the video here:

18 Jan

Adventure 17 – Widdowmaker Removal

After Adventure 16 trying to remove the fallen tree with a rope and stick pulley I went for the stronger and safer approach. I use a Come Along and steel rope to remove the tree. Check out the action here:

I would recommend using this method. It seems to work well gave me plenty of time to get out of the way. I have a feeling that I will be using this device many times in the future.