Adventure 22 – Underwater Ram Pump

Will the Hydraulic Ram Pump work underwater? I took the 1-1/4″ pump out the other day and gave it a test. I had 75′ of flex pipe set into the pond on top to drive the pump. The total feet of head is roughly 2.5′ from the top pond to the surface of the water on the lower pond. Check out what happens when the pump is submerged.

10 thoughts on “Adventure 22 – Underwater Ram Pump

  1. i’m building a barge, i’ll be totally off grid. i was wondering if i can pump water from lake to the top off my barge?

    1. The ram pump does not work on flat water sadly. I am working on a river pump design that will pump from flat moving water.

  2. Does the expansion tank have to be vertical ? I would like to lay it down in the creek bed so it’s not too noticeable.

    1. The style I make does have to have the tank upright. I have seen a design online that is horizontal but I don’t know anything about its build.

  3. Hi,I enjoy watching your videos,but how can I pump water from standing water up the hill 25′ 800 feet away?

    1. The ram pump needs head pressure or hydrostatic pressure to operate. If you have standing water with no drop then the ram pump is not going to work. I recommend a solar pump if you have no power available.

  4. Hey Seth What is the best way to pump the waste water from Ram 1 back up to the supple water for Ram 1 ?? Is there a way to use smaller Ram pumps to recycle the waste water of my main Ram pump?Solar?

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