Archimedes Turbine First Look

For some time I have been working on a flume to get enough feet of head to work a micro hydro generator known as an Archimedes Turbine. This is basically a farm auger inside a 6″ pipe. The hope is that a DC motor will be attached to the auger and that will make power. In the video below I show what the screw looks like and talk about an issue that I am having.

2 thoughts on “Archimedes Turbine First Look

  1. Seth,

    If I may be so bold – first, have you considered steel pipe instead of PVC? Even a 6″ PVC pipe has some flex, and that may cause some of the binding. Second, have you thought about using an overshot or undershot water wheel? I am concerned your Archimedian screw won’t generate the torque needed to spin the generator. (But then until today I had never thought of using an Archimedes screw as a turbine instead of as a pump.)


    1. I had not thought about a steel pipe. I guess I just went with PVC because it was easy to purchase and find. I suppose that the PVC would have some flex in it. If I am unable to make some nice power with this setup I will be moving to a backshot water wheel. I have made two tests with the Archimedes turbine so far and found some great results with only a small amount of water entering the pipe. I have plans to make a mount that will hold the turbine up close to a 45 degree angle and then I will get as much water into the pipe as I can. These turbines are used very often over in the UK. Check out my new test video on youtube. (I have not posted it on the site yet)

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