In February of 2015 I was at the gym lifting a lot more weight than I should have. Peer pressure can really get to you. I was doing squats and let me back relax a little and hurt my back. I guess you can call it a herniated disk. I want to share with you a product that has helped me so very much. Its called Cryoderm. Its a lot like Bengay or IcyHot but a lot stronger. So how does it help and why do I like it so much? Any time that I am going to be lifting something heavy or going to the gym or just waking up from a tough night I like to spray or roll on a little Cryoderm to loosen up the muscles in my back. I first learned about this product at my local chiropractor.

If you have pain in any muscle then I recommend you try giving it a try. You can buy it on Amazon. There are two types that I like. The Spray and the Roll on.

If you are interested in getting more info on Cryoderm or other chiropractic needs you can check out Cruz Life Center. … I have the opportunity to make videos for the office. yay!

I know that this sounds a little like an ad for Cryoderm but I have used it for a year now and I love it.

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