New Hard Drive

After two years of making videos for Land To House I have filled up a 1.5 terabyte hard drive. It is time to get another drive because I dont plan on stopping the videos any time soon! Check out the new drive in this video. If you are looking to buy a nice drive I strongly suggest the Toshiba brand. I have three of them and they have worked without issues for many years.

2 thoughts on “New Hard Drive

  1. have backups? we humans wait until after something goes wrong to fix a problem. don’t let data loss teach you the lesson I learned. personally, I’ve only been buying intel ssd’s and hgst disk drives. they have been very reliable for me. I have 5 hgst drives in a zfs raid z2. it’s a fancy linux filesystem with a bunch of features to protect the data from corruption and compress the data and dynamically split the data between all the drives. in a raidz2, every piece of data is stored on at least 3 drives, so if 2 of the drives die at the same time, it can still keep working until I replace the bad drives. also, a good tip, when I buy drives, I never buy more than one at a time. if you do buy more than one, it’s likely they come from the same manufacturing batch, and more likely if one fails that the other will too. I’d rather have one drive die due to a bad batch than 2 or more. last time I bought drives the store manager took the time to open the boxes for me to check the manufacture dates. gotta love microcenter.

    1. I lost a few days worth of videos one time and it was very sad. I try to back up my files onto at least one other drive that I keep stored and don’t use often. You might be this way but I have so many drives its just ridiculous. Good tip on not buying more than one at a time. I had not considered that.

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