DIY Compost Tumbler

This year I have really been getting into the mood of making a nice garden. Well everyone knows that when you grow plants you have to feed those plants. And what better way to feed plants then with a bunch of compost. I started looking on the internet for the best way to make compost and found several methods. The traditional method is to place your compostable garbage into a large pile and just let it decompose then every couple weeks take a pitch fork and turn the pile. Well I dont care much for taking the time to turn a pile in this method. I kept looking and it was not long before I found the tumbler. Basically its a container that can be turned on an axis to mix up the compost inside. You can buy these at Lowes for over $200. I dont know about you but that is a lot of money.  Well in this video I am going to show you how I made my own tumbler for less than $70.

4 thoughts on “DIY Compost Tumbler

  1. Hi, my name is Jeremy and I live in Swain County, just on the border of Tennessee and I’m the person who asked about the sling blade on your YouTube channel. Well now i’m wondering about composting. And exactly WHAT can compost. Now I dont have a garden or anything to use compost for but i do have plenty of rotten wood, woody vine bushes, briars, dead bamboo, leaves, and plenty of dirt. I cut everything by hand tools and dont really have the time to collect and burn it all. My question would be, can you compost more rougher things (not to be used for a garden of course) like say briars and bamboo scraps into a much larger bin that i could eventually spread over the de-rooted, reclaimed land. Its basically the thought of “Can anything compost, given time?”

    1. Hello. The short answer is yes all natural stuff can be composted. It will rot and breakdown into dirt with enough time. There are a few things that i would recommend not composting such as meat and dairy. These bring some unwanted microbes. As far as briars and bamboo yes go right ahead. Place a layer of dry Brown stuff like leaves then a layer of green. Every now and then turn the pile to let the outside stuff get to the middle so it can breakdown.

  2. Thanks, keep up the hard work and dont let the Land To House Stupid Meter get past 10 haha cant wait to see more videos in the future

    1. I have to really watch that Land to House stupid meter haha. You are welcome. Many more videos on the way.

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