Home Made Volts

I am working with a good friend on a small business that will focus on alternative energy. We are just starting this up so it does not have a lot of content but we are working on that.  I have been interested in alternative energy for a while and I started working with the idea of making a wind turbine and micro hydro system. When my friend learned of this we soon started working on ways to make my tinkering a means of powering houses. … what have we done so far? well the two of us have gone to the water and installed a micro hydro system that has generated 3V. Not much but we have a lot of adjusting to do. I think that the water shall bring a lot of results when we get the kinks worked out. I also have an Archimedes screw design started and I have the wind turbine in the works.

The HomeMadeVolts website is under construction right now but feel free to check it out.

Home Made Volts

So what will Home Made Volts be about? We will have plans for making water/wind/solar power. We will also have many helpful tips to save money with heating and cooling. We have a solar heater in the works that should be very nice to knock the chill out of the air for free.

Expect the site to be up and working in the next month or so.

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  1. This is probably for Seth. Between 1890 and 1900 my great grandfather (Wyoming rancher) built a people-carrying carousel and rotated it by water power. He lived beside a fast-flowing creek. I’m writing a historical novel in which I’m trying to describe this carousel in general terms…
    not how to build it. There would have been few ready-made parts, e.g., no ball bearings, no alternators, no PCB piping, etc. At best he could have had a blacksmith forge the parts he needed. So, my question to you is: how would he have built the mechanism that rotated the carousel? Did he make a water turbine? If so, what kind and out of what? What kinds of gears (?) would he have used to run energy (not electricity which hadn’t even come to the nearest town) from the turbine to something on the carousel to make it turn? What are the connecting points from source of energy to end result? I don’t even know how to ask you. Can you, will you help me, please. He also operated a churn off the same energy source, but I’m not interested in it. I hope this is an exciting challenge and not a drag!!!!

    1. Yes bryan and I have not worked together in a long time. He has moved away.

      That is an interesting concept. Using a waterwheel for its mechanical energy is the likely means of getting this carousel to work. When a water wheel is used to make electricity there is a large loss of energy but when you use one for its mechanical energy there is not much loss. So if he was able to make a waterwheel he could use simple gear ratios to turn the carousel.

      I was able to find this image on google of a water powered carousel. Might help you get some ideas. http://goo.gl/Ehmqnb

      Thank you for writing.

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