Land To House Adventure 9 – What is the Neighbor doing?

After Adventure episode 1 you have not seen much of the land around my land. It has been changing a good bit! The neighbor has been hard at work getting a little house and gazebo set up. I think that when everything is done, the place will be nice looking! This guy (homeboy) has purchased a lot of land around the lake and further up the mountain and he is going to be building lots of homes around. He tells me that building homes is his hobby. Check out Episode 9 here and also see some of the little lake.

Sorry for being so very sweaty! This was filmed right after adventure 8 and I was killed from the humidity.



Well the Neighbor has also purchased land on the other side of the lake and he is hard at work building a … I dont know what it is. He is working with several men to get this done quickly. In just a month he has placed the footers and installed the floor. Now he is hard at work on the sides. My assumption is that he is building a workshop of some sort. its not set up for a house as far as I can tell.

Neighbors work

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