Mending Plate

While doing some research on building trusses I came across Mending Plates. These are sheet metal that has been punched out to have lots and lots of small nails on one side. I read by almost everyone that you just cant use these to build trusses. The nails will bend or the hammer will make a mess out of the back. Well instead of taking their advice I just decided that I would buy a one and give it a try.  so check it out:

If you have need for these plates you can buy them on Amazon:

2 thoughts on “Mending Plate

  1. Seth,

    I have used these mending plates successfully to build trusses for two buildings. One building is 15 years old and still as good as new. I highly recommend using plates on both front and back of the 2 x 4’s. This greatly strengthens the joint. I use an 8 lb. sledge to hammer in the mending plates. The sledge has a much greater surface area on the face and generates plenty of force to hammer in the mending plate with fewer blows and results in a better finished appearance. (The mending plates don’t look like they have been beat to death.)

    P.S. I used the cheap (actually not so cheap, $0.98 ea.) little mending plates from Lowe’s.
    These were very thin as well.

    Best Regard,

    Randy Thomas
    Millersburg, OH

    1. Its nice to hear that you have had success. I have just built my workshop trusses with sandwiched plywood as the “plates”. We shall see how well they do. I rather liked using the metal plates but they do cost a little more since so many have to be used.

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