Multiholsters Glock 26

I was looking for a holster that was low profile and and easy to conceal. I found it quickly with
(see video below)
This is the Glock 26 – in the waistband model. I went on the website and started looking at the two models for the Glock and thought that the deep concealment would be the one for me. But to order the deep concealment version you have to wait a few weeks to get your order. The reason for this is because the holsters are custom hand made and thus they take a while to make. So I opted for the Quick Ship model. The difference between the deep concealment and the normal does not seem to be much and I have to say that once I put the normal on it does not even show other than the clip.

When I ordered I sent an email to ask about the deep concealment option and they responded within a day. The response was very through and answered all the questions that I had. So from my experience the costumer experience was very good.

The retention screws on the holster are great. You can tighten/loosen them to customize the fit that you need. I like to have my holster tight so that I can wear it and not worry about anything falling out.

The clip on this holster is made from a thicker Kydex than the body of the holster. It is attached with the same screws as the retention screws. There is a rubber washer in-between the holster material and the clip to ensure that the two fit together very well.

All the edges of the holster are rounded for comfort. The section that covers the gun on the back of the holster is comfortable against the skin.

Conclusion:  I am very pleased with this holster so far. I will be wearing it a lot in the future and that will give me more experience to share with you. I would recommend this holster if you are looking for a tough and compact holster.

Check out the video review here:

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