New Land Exploration

One day I was just driving up to my property as I do every week and I noticed a large sign that said land auction coming up! I thought that was interesting. So I went on to the website and sure enough there was going to be over 100 lots for sale in my area. Now I need to tell you a little history about my land and why this auction was taking place.

There is a fellow that hooked up with a group of guys and started a community. Now it started well but soon went south. (meaning  it became corrupt) What happened was this: The group started making lots and lots of nice improvements to the land. They built amazing roads, installed a lake with waterfalls and water wheels, pictures of cool looking future buildings and houses were erected to show what things would look like in the future. Well this never was going to happen. They got many wealthy individuals to purchase land here and then without them knowing they divided the land that had been sold and sold it again. Whats so wild is that each lot was going for over $150,000 each. There was a lady that wanted her investment surveyed so she hired a local surveying group to go out to the land and find the borders of her two lots. What they found is that her lots had been cut in half by two roads and the lots were un-usable. She got mad and started the lawsuits… and won.

So now the land that I have has been under foreclosure several years. Thats where the auction comes in. So I go on this site and find that there is no lower limit to bidding. wow. So I make my bid on the only lot that is bordering my current land. After a small war I end up with the land for $400!!!  Check out this video of me walking my new .68 acres:

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