Plant a Willow Tree

I asked my wife what trees she wanted around the property and she only had one that she wanted. A Willow Tree. I did a little research and discovered that there are several varieties of willow. The one that my wife was looking for is the iconic weeping willow.

I found a website that had weeping willows on sale and I purchased one. A few days later it came in the mail in a tall slender box. I placed the tree in the shade and waited until the next day to get started with the planting process. You can watch my planting steps here in this video:

After several months the tree is doing well. It started to put on some new leaves as the summer turned to fall. Now the leaves have turned brown and fallen off as the cold has hit in fall. When Spring comes I will post again to let you know how well it grows.

2 thoughts on “Plant a Willow Tree

  1. Hi Seth! I am from Argentina. Willow tree is origin from here and it’s called “Sauce”. There is a lot variety such as “lloron” (like to you plant in the video), “electrico” and more. They need much water! Prosperity close river. And remember that my English is very bad! ha ha! Hope you understand! See you!

    1. Hello. Thank you for the amazing information! The tree I planted is about 30 feet from the creek so it should get plenty of water when its bigger. I love these trees.

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