Ram Pump on the Farm

Some good friends of mine asked me to come check out their creek for ram pump potential. They raise Highlands Cows on the farm and have been watering them by a small concrete cistern in the ground. The water was clean only when the animals had not been in the creek. In this video I take the small 3/4″ ram pump and install it for the cows. Now they can drink from a 200 gallon tank.


Remember that you can buy ram pumps pre-assembled here on Land To House.

Check out the Farm website here:


2 thoughts on “Ram Pump on the Farm

  1. im going to build a ram pump for our farm to pump water 67 ft uphill to a stock tank for the cattle. my supply is coming from our farm pond. where the pump will sit in the ravine below the pond, there is no creek. My question is: the water that comes from the check valve and spills all over the ground, do you think i could put a pipe on that and pump it back up into the pond? or would the pressure mess up the prime? people here have to haul water alot of times and i don’t want to be wasting any of it. i thought about building another tank for the pump to sit in and collect the water and drop a sump in there to put it back into the pond, but there is no power down there and i sure cant run a cord that far. im just looking for suggestions or options. Thank you,

    1. The waste water is an issue for many people. It seems like a waste because it is. You are right about the added pipe reducing the pressure. The weight of the water on that valve would counteract the head pressure from the pond.

      You can collect the water in a tub and use another pump to get the water back to the pond. You might look into solar for the second pump. Keep in mind the ram pump can run 24/7.

      You will need a minimum of 10 feet of head to pump 67ft.

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