Ram Pump Pressure Tank

I have received several emails about how to build the pressure tank that goes on my prebuilt ram pumps. Well I thought that instead of responding to them over and over I would just make a video showing how I make the tanks. So here you go:

I make three different sizes of pressure tank but they all assemble the same way. I sure hope that this answers your questions.

8 thoughts on “Ram Pump Pressure Tank

  1. Hi Mr.Seth Johnson
    I’m a student from Thailand and I’m doing Ram Pump project to help people who live in shortage area in Thailand.
    In video I saw you use 19 inch for 4 inch pipe. Can you explain how to calculate?

  2. Seth,
    Thanks for the great videos on your sight. Do you use the tire inner-tube when making your 1/2″ pump? Thanks.

    1. Over time the ram pump will become waterlogged. This style pump does not have a snifter valve so a bike tube is used as a bladder. This will keep air in the pressure tank even if water gets to the top of the tank.

  3. I am planning to use a ram pump to lift drinking water from a source up to 70m above the ram pump at our summer house in France.
    Two questions
    1. The pvc tubing can’t handle 7 bar? What would you suggest to use instead..
    2. The innertube …would that lead to a distaste of the water?
    / Bjorn

    1. 7 bar is a lot of pressure. The pressure tank that I make is rated at 7 I think. But It would be better to use a tank like what you have linked. Now the pump type that I make and sell is only able to pump water to a height of around 180 feet lift. You might need to look into a commercial grade pump to get water to that height. The difference is the option to have a weighted waste valve.

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