Splitting Wood

A good friend of mine lives by herself and needed some firewood for the winter. After cutting down some trees I have decided to split part of a hickory tree to give to her. You can watch me splitting this tree here in the video.

2 thoughts on “Splitting Wood

  1. Hi My name is Harold.
    I asked about the ram pump at the top of a siphon. For the wood splitting I suggest the “Twist” method using a double bit axe. Just google it or Youtube “Twist method wood splitting”.

    Just realised that with the ram pump at the top of a siphon, the height you pump to would be unlimited. The number of feet of drop below the source water level would not determine “Possible height” but would determine pump cycle rate and therefore GPM.

    1. I have used the twist method before when splitting wood. I like to use a larger splitter and let it do all the work. But I have to say that I am not very skilled with splitting wood because I have very little practice.

      From my years of work with the ram pump I have not learned about operating the pump above the water source by means of siphon. If you have some info on this I would like to see it in action!

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