Stihl MS 271 First Look

Let me start by saying that this is not a review. I Just purchased this saw and figure that I would talk to you about what I learned from the Ace Hardware salesperson.  When I have a chance to use this saw for several hours I will give you a review.

2 thoughts on “Stihl MS 271 First Look

  1. I purchased an MS-271 chainsaw about a month ago and have used it to remove some smaller hardwood trees (<6" diameter) on my property. I’ve run about 2-3 tanks of gas (w/Stihl 2 stroke oil) through the system along with a tank of bar oil. A few days ago I had trouble starting it and noticed the chain was spinning while the engine was idling. Eventually I couldn't get the saw started and returned it to the dealer for service. The shop informed me that the oil pump and clutch were damaged and had to be replaced. Of course the parts have to be ordered and will take several days to arrive (if I'm lucky). Then a few more days will be needed to put the saw back together and checked out.

    I called the factory to ask if they would replace the saw as it was only ~ 1 month old. I was told no, they would not offer me a new unit as this was a 'fluke' and they would instead repair the machine. I am quite disappointed that after spending ~$450 my saw is now in the shop after only light use. I was also in the middle of a job that has been put on hold until they can complete the repair.

    The dealer has been great and the saw's poor quality is no reflection on their customer service or technical abilities. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this repair facility again in the future.

    I had a Troy Bilt for 10 years that cost half as much and never had to be repaired. I now regret trading in my old reliable chainsaw for a unit that clearly cannot be trusted.

    Given Stihl's excellent reputation, I'm dismayed that they refused to step up and do the right thing by offering to replace a clearly defective saw.

    1. Oh man thats terrible. I have not heard of a saw going bad that fast. It must be as you say a “fluke”. At least you have a place to take it for repairs. I have not ever worked with Stihl directly but I can say that my saw is amazing. I have not had any issues with it at all. (Other than starting it up with bad gas once.) I am with you. Its sad that the company would not replace the saw since it was a new saw and something was clearly wrong with it.

      I used a Craftsman for over 10 years and it had no issues for that time until one day it just said no. Thats why I got the MS-271. Lets just hope that when the saw has these repairs you have no more issues for 10 years.

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