Toyota AC leak

I have been noticing that my car has some water sitting int he floor on the passenger side in both the front and back seats. It had been showing up every few days and I thought that I had just spilled a water bottle or the rain had leaked into the car for some reason. But it turns out that I had the AC drain pipe lose under the glove box.

I had gone on a little trip and used the AC for 8 hours while driving and when I returned to the house I saw the large amount of water standing in the back floorboard. It had not rained and there was no water battles this time. So it had to be the AC. After a little reading on the issue I found that several other people have had a this happen and I just had to explore the car to see if it was happening to me.

Yes it was. All that water and only from one hose that was lose from its gasket.

Check out my fix video here:


Basically I pulled back the carpet on the floor and saw the little black tube that comes off the air conditioner. It was hanging lose and that is what allowed the water to flow free down the base of the car into the foot bead area. So just pressing the tube back into the correct place the issue was fixed. Now I must warn you that the tube is in a poor place and all it takes to move it is a foot placed in the wrong spot.

once the hose is back where it needs to be you can drain the water out of the car by pulling the rubber stoppers out of the bottom of the car. then press on the carpet and it will allow the water to flow out. be sure to replace the stoppers when the water is out.

I know that this issue is annoying so I hope this little video helps you.

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