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  1. Hi Seth: I would like to know if i can use a 3/8 or a 1/4 delivery tubing to fill a 200 gallons tank sitting about 100 feet above the 3/4 ramp pump i am installing on my property in Puerto Rico The drop is 10 feet to the ramp.I really don’t care about the quantity,all i want is the tank to be full by the time i travel to my property. Forgot to mention that I live in OrlandoFL and i go to my land only in the summer time. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    1. You can use those small size delivery pipes if you would like. Typically I do half the size of the drive pipe. Butt the limiting factor on delivery pipe is atmospheric pressure. The flow rate will be the same whether you are using 1/4″ pipe or 12″ pipe. One issue you might have is the pump may not reach that height. Typically 10 feet of head pressure will give you 70 feet possibly 80 feet of lift. You may have to add a couple more feet to get the 100 you are looking for

  2. Thank Seth I that with the tubing the atmospheric pressure would be much less on the tubing. I will try it anyway and would let you know how i goes and the results. Also, i will try bringing the drop further down. Thanks.

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