Wind Turbine Test

This week I spent time getting back to a wind turbine that I started over a year ago. I watched a video on youtube that showed a way to cut down blades out of PVC and I thought that I would try it. Here is a little video showing what it looks like so far.

The youtube channel that this video is on is actually one that I use to show my buisness partner, Bryan at HomeMadeVolts, what I am working on right now …. wow that sentence does not seem elven close to being grammatically correct…. haha …This Wind Turbine will make its way to the site in the future. When I get power hooked up at my land I will be installing a turbine like this one so that I can make my own electricity. The power company in my county allows for sell back. This means that I should be able to get $0.10 per kilowatt that I make. That does not sound like a lot but it adds up over time. Couple this with water power and solar and you have a nice return.

All this to say: if you check out the channel you will see some of the projects that I am working on that might not be a main focus of the Land to House site.

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