Land To House Adventure 11 – Drive Fence Posts

I am working on a little project that requires a retaining wall. I have decided to use fence posts with rebar and concrete to make this wall. This is actually the first time that I have used concrete and I am not sure that I am doing it right but at least I am trying to learn something new. Check out this video of me driving fence posts into the ground. The ground is so wet from the monster rains what we have been getting in the past couple days that the fence posts just slide right down to the required depth.

I hope that you liked the video. I will have a lot more about this project in the future.

2 thoughts on “Land To House Adventure 11 – Drive Fence Posts

  1. Recently I shared with my wife about the desire to change life radically, and she also had this thought, but we never realy spoke about it. Now that we’ve decided to move to a farm, we started to look for all need’s that we could think about, I started to look on the internet for the tools that I’ll need, and search for peoples that have done the same, “they were so many that all my fears were gone”. That is when I found that adventures of your’s, and I wanted you to now that I will do the same, share my adventures with ever one else that could think if is possible or not, to do such radical life change . Thank you for the iniciative that contributes to everyone, even far like me here in Brazil, to be inspired by videos like yours. I will be in touch so you will know about the adventures here in the Rain Forest.

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      I would enjoy your progress and updates. Working on the land is very rewarding. Things here in the US are starting to get creepy as far as government is concerned and I feel that it is past time that people start learning the ways of the past. Growing food is something that I am interested in for sure. Also working on alternative power sources and alternative water source. I have many more video ideas already lined up and I am always thinking of new ones.

      when you get content up send me a link so that I can see what you and your wife are up to. You live in a different location so you will have fresh new content.

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