Land To House Adventure 5

Some day in the future I will be pumping water uphill for many different reasons. Watering a garden, washing the car, cooling the house…. who knows what the uses of this water will be in the future. To do this I have been looking at hydraulic ram pumps.  I was able to gather all the needed parts and install this one in the creek. It was a fun process and I learned a lot. Trial and error was the best way to get this working.

Watch the video that was shot during the first set up and run of the pump:

Very soon Land To House will have a “How To” in the “Free Stuff” tab. This will walk you through some of the basics of how to set this pump up and how to get it working. Also a complete parts list with pictures so that you have no doubts as to what to buy.

I feel that everyone who has a creek needs to use electricity free pumps when they can. Why water the garden with well water when you can use the creek for free.

Here is a little update video on how to clean out the pump if debris gets into the system.

Basically you just need to remove the unions and flush the pipe. The rubber connector is also a place that catches debris so remove it and let water flush the tube. Using a screen or hardware cloth at the intake will keep debris from entering the system.

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