Water Tree

I was using the chainsaw on the land and was almost all the way through a fallen tree when I struck water!  I hit it with the chainsaw and thought that the tree must have a lot of water in it but then the water just did not stop. I cut the rest of the way through and then just watched as the water flowed out. Over 5min is how long the water poured out!

I showed the video to my neighbor and he said that it is not uncommon for a tree to do that after the kind of rain we have had int he past few weeks. I guess that it just shows that I am not that very experienced with running a saw and cutting large trees. . . . looking back on the video you would think that I was looking at a “double rainbow” with the level of excitement I was showing. haha … well I have a lot of clearing to do before the floor of the land is clean and clear. It is my hope to have all the fallen trees and everything that is under the size of 2″ gone. That will make things look much neater.

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