Carving Pumpkins

My girlfriend and I went to the grocery store this past week and got three pumpkins to carve. Her friend Sarah came over to the house to join us in the fun. She has carved pumpkins before but My girlfriend and I have never tried it before. Well we also got the carving tools from the store so that there was no way we could fail. When we made it back to the house we set up some black plastic and got some bags. I used a kitchen knife to cut open the lid of my pumpkin because it seemed to be easier, the other two used the carving tools that we got from the store. We all started at the same time and I have to admit that I was the one that finished first at cutting off the lid. We all proceed to remove the innards of the pumpkins until they were all clean (or at least as clean as a pumpkin can get). Next we started the design process. Sarah started out fast and was finished in no time. My girlfriend had some trouble with the tools that we purchased and it took her some time. She carved a face that had teeth with the letters “Halloween”. I decided on a ninja turtle. It was fun and we all have our own unique style of carving. I hope that you enjoy our work:

carving pump1 My Ninja Turtle











carving pump2

All Pumpkins lined up.








carving pump3

Having a wonderful time.

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