Niece Turtle

My sister is having a baby girl in a month and I thought that I would make the little lady a stuffed animal that the world has never seen before. So I make this little turtle with zipper on the back so that the legs, tail and head would all fit inside. Took me two month to make it because I am just not that good at sewing. I hope that my niece grows up with this little turtle and has years of enjoyment.

zipped turtlefolded turtleopen turtlebottom turtle

This is the type stuffed animal that I would have liked when I was growing up. Lets call him… “Sammy” after a painted turtle that I had when I was age 5 to 11. Sammy was a good turtle but my little baby brother took him out of the water and let him walk around in the heat of New Mexico and the poor little guy just did not stand a chance.

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