DIY Queen Bed Frame

So after I had oral surgery, my girlfriend and I take a trip to Lowes and start looking for the needed wood and screws to make a queen size bed frame. I have never been one to sit around and recover from surgery.  She has been looking around for some time at bed frames and mattresses and has found that they are expensive and of poor quality. Well I told her that I could make the frame and it would be of better quality than anything she purchased for the same price. We select all the wood we need and load it onto the top of my car. In this video you can see all the steps that we took to make the frame. Remember that I cant talk so you will have to listen to my girlfriends instructions.

7 thoughts on “DIY Queen Bed Frame

  1. Bummer, Was wishing you had list in hard copy rather than stop and going on video. I’ll get it. Trying to get my list to order.

  2. Hi what kind of wood did you use in this video? I love the newer video…Can’t wait to build this bed for my daughter. The screws you purchased….were they 1 box of 1/4 inch screws, 1 box of 2 inch screws, and 1 box of 3 inch screws? (all wood screws)? Thanks!!!

  3. One more question… I’m wanting to add foam and fabric to do tufting on the outer wood pieces (not the slats that are placed inside the frames for support), just the four outer pieces. should I do that before screwing the wood slats together? Thanks!

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