Minimum GPM 3/4″ Ram Pump

So if you have a small creek and you need to use a ram pump to pump water you might be limited to the amount of water that you have flowing.  In this video I test the lowest GPM of the 3/4″ ram pump. The setup has a 55 gallon barrel set up on a hill to give a total of 3′ of head. This head allows water to be pumped to a height of 20+ feet. The delivery travils to around 15′ above the pump and fills a 5 gallon bucket. We found in a previous test that the 3/4″ ram pump can use over 2 GPM at a high potential setting. To get the pump to work with less water we need to turn the first check valve to 45 degrees so that it takes less pressure to close the valve. To learn the minimum GPM watch this video:

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