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Well hello there. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little more. This Blog will end up holding lots and lots of stuff that I do in the future.

I will start this first post with a history lesson so that you will know a little about where I come from.

I was born in a little town in Mississippi and lived there until I turned 6 years old. In this little town I was an odd child and I spent most of my time in the bayou looking for turtles and frogs and the occasional leech. I had a couple friends in the small neighborhood that I would often go on adventures with. often getting into trouble like the time I lost my dads tools in the bamboo behind the house.  From Mississippi I moved to New Mexico. I stayed there until I was 12. What a nice place that is. Although I did not make a lot of friends I did get to experience a lot of life out west. I played a lot of soccer. I would go out in the fields and hike for hours. I spend lots of time biking on the flat dessert. when I was 9 or so years old I learned to drive the truck to the trash dump. Many of the odd habits that I have now stemmed from that time. like always taking water with me when I drive somewhere. (its hot out there and you never know when you will need a drink.) My father got burned out at work and we moved to North Carolina. It is here that I still reside. I love it here.

Education: I started off in life a little slow. haha but that changed when I turned … ok I am still slow as Methuselah. I was home schooled from the age of birth until I went to college. I attained my associates in art and associates in Electronic at a community college. Then I attained my BS in Biomedical Engineering from a four year university.

Work: I worked at a nature store for over 5 years that sold outdoor gear for hiking and kayaking and fishing and such awesome things. I learned a bunch about like at this place. You have never seen such a homely kid before being pushed into the real world. I was paid to talk to people and try to sell them stuff. so I had to learn to be a little outgoing even though I hated it. For the past 6 years I have been working with adults with developmental disability. The guys are so amazing. What a blessing it has been to enjoy the company of this group.

Here is a picture of my family. I am the one on the right with black hair. . . do I have black hair in real life? NO I am getting ready for a fan film and had to do a hair color test.

seths family
What a pretty family

For basic surface stuff that should be good for now. Next post . . . I think its hobby talk time.

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