Hobby Talk

It seems like every day I am starting a new hobby. Good thing? Bad thing? I am not really sure. I tend to start a new project and not finish the others for a long time. For example I started building a tricopter back in late 2011 and did not finish it until mid 2012. But since then I have managed to finish two quadcopters. So I guess I have taken what I learned to and worked with it.

quadcopter number 1
First quad copter.

I am working with a good friend on an alternative energy project and that has a lot of work with fun concepts. I consider these part of my hobbies. working on micro hydro systems and wind turbines. When I get my land cleared I shall be working a good bit in the water with hydro power. so expect to see a lot about this hobby.

I really enjoy working with film. Am I good at it….. always room for improvement. I have a youtube channel if you would like to see some of the random things I have put together. FleecefoxStudio

Green Screen

There are just three small blurbs about a couple of hobbies that I have. I am sure that you will learn more about them as I go. the Quad copter shall make its appearance again in video form soon.

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