Natural Weed Killer Does it Work?

There are many places on the land that have an abundance of weds growing. I was weed eating them one day and started to question if there was a better way to get rid of these pests. I found the vinegar and epsom salt with dawn soap mixture. In this video I explore the validity of using this mixture.

2 thoughts on “Natural Weed Killer Does it Work?

  1. I want to water my garden with off grid facility. So far I am thinking getting 350 gallon tanks
    And put on bricks and attach 1/2 in pvc pipe to
    Holding tank. 100 foot by 100foot garden. Not sure
    If pressure will get water to end of garden. Would I need a ram pump? No electricity available. Also my well is far away. We were thinking solar pump and hand pump. Then can a hoses go over 1000ft do I need a ram pump for that

    1. Hello. It is possible to use gravity to water by drip lines. I think they need around 15psi to run? every foot of fall you gain .433psi. So to get 15 psi to run the drip line you will need to have your tanks on a 34 foot hill/tower. You will have to check the psi of your drip lines.

      The ram pump is great for creeks and rivers but will not work in a well. You have to have head pressure to run the pump. Do you have a creek close to you?

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