Ram Pump Irrigation

Several people have asked me if a ram pump will run an irrigation system. I dont have a system setup just yet to test but I thought that I would set up a sprinkler with the ram pump and see what type of results I come up with.

3 thoughts on “Ram Pump Irrigation

  1. Seth, in another video you did an experiment using different size and length of pipe for air chamber (not the correct name) and you stated that the 2 inch pipe 15 inches long did better than the 4 inch you have in this video. Did you change your mind or did you do another experiment that I have missed that shows better results.
    I love your videos.

    1. Hello. That video actually shows that the ram pump can reach its max pressure faster with the small pressure tank. It takes longer to reach the full pressure with the larger tank. Makes sense but it is still better to have a larger tank. The reason: When you open the valve on the delivery pipe the pressure is released quickly. If you have a pressure tank that is too small there is a chance the pump will stop. Now if you have a larger pressure tank and you open the delivery valve pressure is released BUT there is a larger store of air in the large tank and the pump is less likely to stop. So its best to have the right size tank.

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