Snow in Spring

Today it snowed around 2″. I know that is not a large snow compared to what some people get but it is a few days after the turn of Spring and that is a lot of snow for this time of year. Even though there was snow on the ground I still took a trip out to my land and cleared a little bit of underbrush especially the wild rose thorns. Those thorns are a real pain. They dont let up ever. The clippers that I have been using are from lowes. I will be using a chain saw when I get serious with cutting on the land but for now that little clipper will do the job.  What was rather funny today is that with all the snow I was getting my shoes wet and cold so I made my own water proof covers. How you might ask? Well I just took some plastic bags and tied them to my legs. It worked for a little while but then I had to walk on some rocks and that tore the bags up. So I just found out that the tool that I have been using since I was a little kid that I always called a limb cutter actually has a name. They are called Loppers. Kind of an odd name but it fits. Here is a picture of a pair of loppers.


I have started working a good deal on my laptop to edit video for HomeMadeVolts as well as for Land to House. Especially when I get off work late and I have free time I like to edit video. This being said I have run out of hard drive space on that poor little macbook. So today I purchased a 1.5 TB hard drive. I think that will hold all the footage that I need for some time.  That will also allow me to work on the go but then when I am ready for the more intense work I can use that same drive with my desktop at the house.  I went with the Toshiba because I have another drive by them and I have been very happy. Cant wait to get this thing rolling.

Toshiba Hard Drive

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