Water Flow Rate

Bryan and I went to my land on Thursday to film a short video all about how to determine the Flow Rate of a creek. He and I are really starting to get content ready for Home Made Volts. Filming the video was fun and entertaining. First we met in town and went to the hardware store to get a bucket. I thought that I had a bucket at the house but then I remembered that we had used it in the creek already as an intake for the micro hydro generator test. So after we had gotten the new bucket we head out to the land. The land is mostly untouched and has a lot of thorns on it that were along the creek and we could not get to the water. So I clear those out and we get the water test that we need.

flow rateTurns out that the Flow Rate on the land is around 100 gallons per minute. We were not able to capture all of the water and the timer was a little off so there might actually be closer to 120 gallons per minute. I would rather have more Flow like 200 gal/min but I think that I will be able to work with what I have. 100 gal/min is way better than no flow at all. The water is very pretty. When the video is done it will be available on the homemadevolts website.

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