Always Ready Store

This week I want into town and helped some good friends of mine with a sign for their store. The name of the store is called “Always Ready Store”. They sell supplies to keep people ready for disasters such as long shelf life food and kits for making fires and all kinds of really cool stuff. They also sell grain in bulk.

Always Ready Store

I first went up to help hang this sign a month ago and we did not have the tools that we needed to fix the sign. The next week we show up to get this done and the weather turns nasty with snow and wind and all kinds of cold so we did not get it up. next week they were not able to make it in. Four weeks later we get out there and hang that sign. It looks nice.


When the sign was finished I was able to film a short video interview of the owner about a solar oven.  The Small business that I am in with my friend Bryan –HomeMadeVolts– will have this video on the site soon.  It is a handy little thing. Reaches over 300 degrees.

Solar Oven

Home Made Volts will be using the Always Ready Store for some of the Interviews in the future. We also took a trip out to the creek to do a flow rate test of the location that we are installing a micro hydro system. What is funny is that the water was being tested with a 5gal bucket and the water filled the bucket in less than one second. this means that the flow rate is over 300gal per min. That is a lot of water! Cant wait to see more results from our free power endeavors.

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