Make an Auger – Testing

I am looking at ways to make an auger at home that will be used as a hydro power generator.  What I have done so far is cut sheet metal into 7″ circles and then cut a slit half way through the center. Then at the center I have cut another circle out to make the whole thing look kind of like a doughnut. So after that was done I drilled a hole that would allow me to connect several of these circles together in hopes of making the auger but…. nope. The shape is all wrong.  Back to the drawing board.

What would I even need a large screw for? I have been looking at some designs for a type of micro hydro generator that uses the Archimedes screw but instead of pulling water up hill the water will go into a pipe and push the screw as it goes down. this will turn a motor and make power.

To make this I am testing with some paper and getting the angle right that will allow the screw to be made and not have inefficiency problems. Fun project. I think this is the best water power idea for my creek. So I will make this guy and take him out to the water.

paper auger
Paper Auger


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    1. I purchased a farm auger and installed it into a 6″ pvc pipe. The flume has been made to use for my microhydro but I have not installed the turbine for testing yet. That should be coming up soon.

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