Lowes Trip

I really enjoy going to Lowes. That store has almost everything that you could ever need. Now there are times that I like to go to Home Depot better just because it is not so organized and does not have the Wal-Mart feel. Today I went to get the needed hardware for three projects that I have been working on. These projects are: Wind Turbine and hydroelectric auger. I should have them finished soon because I now have land with water and wind that I can test on.

Here is a little clip of me testing out how to make an auger at home without spending much money. After looking at the cost of an auger on the Internet I have found that most of them of this size are going to be well over $300. This one that I am making will cost around $30.

Now the wind turbine needs a little work before it is ready. Mostly I need to mount the blades to the fly wheel and then start working on the tower. I will post more here when that is done. Here are the blades that I have cut down with the sander.

Wind turbine blades

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